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How to Add Merchant Processors

To add a merchant provider:

Navigate to CRM menu Merchants > Processors, click "+ New"


Select the gateway provider that you have a merchant account with. Each payment gateway will have different credential requirements in order to establish a connection, usually in the form of username, password, API key, Processor ID, etc. These items are to be provided by your merchant provider and are required in order to function. (The fields related to Reserves/Reports are optional). 




Additional Parameters:

Groups: Create /select MID groups to group MIDs according to your needs.
Processor Name:
This name will be displayed in reports and throughout the CRM to reference your MID
Test Mode: Test mode can be enabled during testing. Make sure test mode is disabled when processing live transactions. 

Descriptor: Enter a descriptor if you would like to display it in email autoresponders and via the API. 
MID #: Enter the Merchant account number ID (used for Chargeback Defense)

Soft Monthly Limit: Soft limit is your actual merchant account's maximum monthly limit and our Alert System works based off this field for alert notifications. 

Monthly Limit: The maximum amount you will allow your MID to be able to process before getting ignored for future transaction attempts.

What is the difference between Monthly and Soft Monthly limit?  Once reaching your Soft Monthly limit, the CRM will still continue to attempt processing on this MID. Why would you want this? In cases where you would rather allow further transactions to be attempted and declined for future decline recovery. Once you reach your Monthly Limit, the MID will no longer attempt processing and fail. 

Active: Enable Active mode when launching your campaign to process live transactions. 

Cancellation URL: Enter the cancellation URL (to be used with PaySafe)

Once you entered in all information, click to validate your credentials. If successful, you can proceed to save. If credentials are not successful, you will not be able to save the processor. 





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