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How to use the built-in Email Marketing feature

How to Setup Email Marketing.

To setup Email Marketing, you need to navigate to CRM menu CRM > Simple Email Marketing.

The first step that needs to be done is create a new template by clicking to the “+ New” option. Make sure that you have the Templates tab selected. 

Information needed to create a template:

  1. Template Name
  2. Subject
  3. From Email (Ex. Support@company.com)
  4. From Description (Company’s name + job title from the person sending the email)
  5. Replay To Email (Ex. Support@company.com)
  6. Message Box

***Click “Save” every time you create a template or modify existing templates***



Once created the template will be “Active” for you to use.


Create a new Job by clicking on the Jobs tab and then click on "+ New".

Fill out the new job required information.

  • Name
  • (“Active” referring to customers with active subscription. “Cancelled” referring to customers with cancelled subscriptions. “All” referring to both active and cancelled).
  • (Referring to the site where all the contacts are coming from)
  • Template (Referring to the Template previously created or if there more than one, choose the correct template to apply)
  • (You will need your own custom SMTP for email marketing. You cannot use the CRM standard SMTP)
  • Click “Save” once the setup is finished



Once the setup is finished you will have to click on the play button under Action to start the job. 




ID: Represents the ID given by the CRM for your “Email Marketing” Campaign

Name: Represents the “Email Marketing” name.

Template: Represents the “Template” previously created and applied to your “Email Marketing” campaign.

Sites: You will be able to view the “Site” where your customers are coming from.

Customers: Represents the number of customers (Active or Cancelled) selected to get in contact with.

Sent: Represents the number of customer reached by your email.

Delivered: Represents the number of emails successfully delivered.

Bounced: Represents the number of emails that weren’t delivered successfully (This could means that the email addresses were not correctly spelled)

Opened: Represents the number of emails opened by customers.

Date Entered: Represents the date of the “Email Marketing” creation.

Active: Represents the status of your email campaign (Active with a green signal and Inactive with a red signal)

Actions: Represents the option that you have to control your email campaign. You are able to “Delete” the campaign, “Paused” the campaign and “Resume” the campaign to start sending the emails.

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