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How to Create a New User Account

User accounts can be created if the user creating the account has access to this feature within their own account. The available access given to a new user is limited to the same level of access within the creator’s user account. In other words, if you are given a user account and are granted permission to create new users, you can only give access to the same features and Accounts or less. 

To create a user account, navigate to CRM menu Administration > Users.


1. Click on “+ New" 


2. Enter in the following fields:


Username/Email - CRM accounts require an email address as the username. *Required

First/Last Name - *Required.

User Type - The user types available are Client Admin, Employee Admin, Customer Service Representative, or Affiliate. *Required. 



Note: All user types have adjustable feature and permission settings. Selecting one user type over another doesn't mean you can't give the same level of access as another user type. 

Client Admin user accounts are for the owners, executives, and managers who need the most access to all features. 

Employee Admin user accounts should be granted to employees and other team members with limited access.

Customer Service Representative user accounts should be granted to call centers and support representatives. 

Affiliate user accounts should be given to affiliates. Affiliates should only have access to the reports you want to give them access to. We recommend giving access to the Affiliate Report.

3. Click Next to go to the Section Access, where you will grant access to the various parts of the CRM. Once you select all the sections you want to grant access to, click Next.


Dashboard - gives access to the dashboard


Add New Order - Gives access to create new customers/orders

Export Data - Gives Access to Export Data for data extraction/download

Search - Gives access to search for customer accounts



Affiliates - Gives access to create new affiliates

Sites - Gives access to the site configuration page

Email Autoresponders - Gives access to Create/Modify Email Autoresponders/ Events

Products - Gives access to create/edit/delete products



Fulfillment - Gives access to the Fulfillment Report

Import Tracking - Gives access to upload tracking numbers



Select any of the above reports to grant access.



Decline Runner - Gives access to the Decline Runner tool to rerun declined orders

Processors - Gives access to the Processors page to add/edit processors

Management - Give access to manage all products



Accounts - Gives access to create/edit Accounts 

Alert System - Gives access to create/edit CRM alerts

Blacklist System - Gives access create and edit blacklist profiles

Plugins - Gives access to apply/edit 3rd party plugins

Users - Gives access to create/edit User accounts



Help Center and Support - Gives access to contact support/create support tickets

Open API Guide - Gives access to the API Guide. 


4. You now need to grant the user to at least one Account and one site id.  If you want to grant permission to all your Accounts and Sites, then click on Select All for Accounts and Sites. 


5. Click Save to complete setup. The new user will receive an email with a link where they would need to click on and continue to create a password before gaining access to the CRM.    


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