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How to Search for Customer Accounts and Order History

Navigate to CRM menu Customer Service > Search

If you have either the Transaction ID, Customer ID, or Order ID from the customer, then all you need to do enter one of these two under Quick Search to locate the customer's profile.


If you don't have either theTransaction ID, Customer ID, or Order ID , then you will need to use Advanced Search



Note: Sometimes inquiring customers provide a different name, email, and/or address than what was actually used to make the purchase. In cases where you can't find a customers account based on customer provided data, it would be best to search by the last 4 digits of the credit card and a date range around the order date. If the order date is unknown, pick a starting date back of at least a couple of months to present day. You can also try searching by Last Name as well. 

Once you have entered the appropriate fields, click Search. 


The Search Results will display all customers that match your search query. You can click on the customer name to enter the customer's account/profile. 



You can also click on the + sign to show transaction information and results before entering the customer's profile:



List of terms

Step: this refers to the type of customer account:
a. Inquiry – Includes only partials/leads
b. Decline – Includes customers with declined transactions
c. Buyer – Includes customers with successful transactions

Transaction Type: 
a. All – All transaction types
b. Auth – An Authorized Charge, not yet a sale
c. Refund – A refund of a previous successful transaction
d. Sale – A successful transaction
e. Void – A voided sale

Product Type: Select from a signup charge, recurring charge, or upsell charge
Recurring Status:
a. Active: Includes customers who have active Recurring / Subscription Charges
b. Inactive: Includes customers who have Inactive Recurring / Subscription Charges

Order Type:
a. Real Orders – Includes only Real Orders
b. All Orders – Includes Real and Test Orders
c. Test Orders – Includes Test Orders Only

BIN: The first 6 digits of a credit card
Keyword Search: Enter any keyword identifiers that would help narrow your search



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