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How to Add a Order to an Existing Customer

  Order can be added within the CRM to an already existing Customer account.

1. Once you are in the customer's profile, click on "+ New” to begin a new transaction.  


2. Select the product group that you want to add to the customer’s account. You have the option to modify the price of the product in the amount field.



Note: Only the products that are available for the site campaign where the customer originated from will be available. To offer more products, you will need to add them at the client Account level and then append them to the site level.

3. The affiliate and sub-affiliate id’s from the last transaction are kept within the system. To change the affiliate and sub-affiliate ids for this transaction, select the checkboxes to enable the variables, and enter in new variables.

4. Submit Transaction to finalize.


Note: If there are any processing errors, make sure the credit card on file is not expired or invalid, and/or make sure the merchant account on file is able to process transactions.



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