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How to Setup Retry Transactions

ResponseCRM provides the ability to create automated retry attempts for your recurring transactions, should they decline on their first attempt. Up to 9 retry attempts can be configured. Each retry attempt is a setup for the number of days after the previous attempt.  If you setup your first retry attempt to 5 days and the second attempt to 5 days, then the 2nd retry will occur 5 after after the first retry attempt. 

1. Within the Product settings of your Recurring product, scroll down to Retries at the bottom.

2. Within each Retry Attempt, choose your Retry Timeframe and enter the Retry Amount, then click Save. 

In the Example below, 3 retry attempts were set on day 3, 5, & 7 with different retry amounts. This equates to a retry on day 3, day 8 (5 days after first retry attempt), and day 15 (7 days after the 2nd retry attempt) After the 3rd attempt, the retry attempts will stop as there are no extra retry attempts created. 


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