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How to Use the Billing Report

 The Billing Report essentially lets you see how, on the back end, your offer is converting and understanding, post transaction your profitability.


  1. Select the Site(s) that you need for your report

  2. Select the date range of the orders you want to view

  3. Click Search


Charts & Graphs


  1. The Billing charts present the Signup Trends, and Approval Trends.

    1. The Overall Activity chart presents a pie chart of Signup Trends vs. Approval Trends.

    2. The Signup Trends graph shows the number of daily buyers within the date range selected. Hover your mouse over the dots on the chart, a small pop up will appear and show the number of orders for that site id for that day in the graph

    3. The Approval Trends graph shows the number of approved recurring transactions within the date range selected. You can hover your mouse over the dots as well to display the number of orders for that day.

The Billing details section gives a more detailed report of your processing statistics.


  1. This report can be further modified by selecting different filter options above the charts. 

    1. By Selecting “Site”, the report will continue its search based on site ids.

    2. By select “Affiliate”, the report will search and display results based on the affiliates who brought the sales into your offers

    3. By selecting "Sub Affiliate", the report will display results based on sub-affiliate activity

    4. By selecting "Product", the report will filter the report by products

Clicking on the links will display the actual data, and can be exported via a CSV file, to be opened in Microsoft Excel or any other CSV viewer. 




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