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How to Use the Projection Report

The Projection Report essentially lets you see what recurring charges you have scheduled and when they are to occur. The report is only as accurate as your first rebill. So if your first rebill hits in 15 days, the report is only accurate for the next 15 days, as signups from today or in the future cannot be predicted and will not be taken in to consideration when reporting projected rebills for day 16 and on.

  1. Navigate to CRM menu Reports > Projection Report.

  2. Select the Site(s) and a date range

  3. Click Search



Charts & Graphs:

There are two graphs that represent the Actual recurring vs Projected recurrings.

  1. The left graph represents the Projected recurring activity and projected refunds.

  2. The graph on the right represents the Actual (current) recurring activity and actual refunds. 


The Projection Report table provides the number of Projected Recurring charges that are scheduled to run, along with the number of Projected Approved, Projected Refunds and Projected Settled numbers. These are all numbers that are calculated based on history. So if your approval ratio is about 65%, then only 65% of the projected recurrings are going to be accounted for in the projected approved column. Only Projected Recurring counts are hyperlinked and will display the data that make up the number reported.


If you click on the hyperlinked results, a pop up will occur with all the transactions under that category. All data within the popup window can be exported via a CSV file, to be opened in Microsoft Excel or any other CSV viewer.


List of Terms in Billing Details

PROJECTED RECURRINGS: The number of recurring transactions that are scheduled to run, but haven’t been processed yet.

PROJECTED APPROVED: The number of recurring transactions that approved based on transaction history

PROJECTED REFUNDS: The number of recurring transactions that are projected to be refunded based on transaction history

PROJECTED SETTLED: The number of recurring transactions approved minus all refunds.


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