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How to Setup Affiliates in the CRM

You can add and manage affiliates within the Affiliates section of the CRM. 

With the affiliate system you have the ability to:
1. Add an unlimited number of affiliates
2. Track Clicks (via API)
2. Setup & track 3rd party post-back pixels for your product sales (Post-Back Only)
3. URL tracking and pass affiliate values (via API)
4. Disable existing sub-affiliates (coming soon) 

To add an affiliate:
1. Navigate to CRM menu CRM > Affiliates
2. Click on "+ New"
3. Enter a Name


4. Click Save, and then you'll be directed back to the Affiliates page. 

5. Then click on the Edit icon under the affiliate you just created in order to get into the affiliate's settings.



How to add Click tracking

Click tracking must be setup within the API integration of your site that you want track clicks on. This is optional and not required. 

Please refer to the API: Add Click API

How To Setup Affiliate URLs for affiliate tracking

In order to track your affiliates and sub-affiliates, you must code your API integration to pass affiliate values into the CRM from your site's URL. 

You must code your integration to accept values for ONE affiliate id and up to FIVE sub-ids. Although you can decide on what variable names to use, we recommend coding the affiliate variable to “affid” and all your sub variables from "s1" to "s5".

Here is what the URL tracking string will be if using the above variable names. 

URL Tracking String: ?affid=[affid]&s1=[s1]&s2=[s2]&s3=[s3]&s4=[s4]&s5=[s5]

You would need to add this to the end of your sites URL, and be sure to add the proper affiliate id and pass it as "affid"

Ex: If you’re site is myoffer.com and your affiliate id is UZHTRL7C, then your URL Tracking String would be:

Please refer to the API Add Customer call/example, click here. 

How to Add Affiliates to Your Sites/Campaigns

There are 2 ways to add an affiliate to your site.

1. From the Affiliate page: 

a. While on the affiliate's page, scroll down to the Pixels & Sites table

b.. Click on the Sites tab, and then select a site from the Add Site select box and then click the + button on the right of the select box.



2. From the Site settings page:

a. Go into your site's settings page (CRM menu CRM > Sites, click the Edit option under Actions for the site).

b. Scroll down to the affiliates box, and click on + New

c. Select the affiliate and enter the Step1comm and Step2comm if you'd like to track the CPA for the affiliate, and Save.


 Once you have completed adding the Affiliate to the CRM, assigned the affiliate to your site(s), completed the API integration with the affiliate and sub id variables and have setup, the Affiliate is now able to be properly tracked within the CRM. 

The Affiliate's sales & activity can be viewed within the Affiliate Report, and most of the CRM's reporting has Affiliate filters as well, including the Dashboard. 

The Affiliate Report provides a detailed snapshot of your affiliate sales history, as well as the commissions earned by your affiliates.

Note: The Affiliate Report reports commission only for your main product and first upsell product only. 



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