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What are the steps to create a site/campaign?

Whether you have a one-page campaign, or a multiple page/multiple product offer, the steps below can be done in any order, but you will need to go back in some cases to make adjustments when applying new settings to an existing item. 

You must be signed into the CRM in order for the links on the left (CRM links) to redirect properly, otherwise you will land on the login page. 

If you are new to the CRM and haven't created an Account yet, make sure you create one before proceeding or else you will not be able to add sites or products.

If you need to create an Account, select "Add Account" via the Account Select dropdown at the top of the page, or from the Dashboard if you haven't create one already. (This option on the Dashboard is only available if you haven't created an Account yet). You must also add your payment information via the Add Payment button on the dashboard in order to process live transactions. 

1. Add Products    Need Help?  How to create products

2. Add a Merchant Provider    Need Help? How to add a processor

3. Setup a SMTP Server   Need Help? How to add SMTP

4. Add Email Autoresponders - Templates  Need Help? How to create autoresponders

b) Add Events (You must create templates and an event for each template and apply them to your product(s). An SMTP account is also required. Email Autoresponders can be added globally for all products, a single product, or a group of products.)
Need Help? How to create Email Autoresponder Events

5. Add Fulfillment Need Help? How to add fulfillment

(You must go back and enable fulfillment within your product settings if created prior to adding fulfillment to the CRM. If Fulfillment will be done manually, this step can be skipped)

6. Create a campaign Site ID   Need Help? How to create a site id

(You must add your products and email autoresponder events to your site id settings page.) 

7. Integrate your site: API Documentation

(This will require the API Key, Site ID, and Product IDs) 

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