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Suggested API Flow


API Guide :  https://developer.responsecrm.com


Landing Page

1.  Authentication

  • Required Items:
    • Account API Key

2. Call Add Customer - Inquiries/partials can be created with as minimum FirstName, LastName, and either EmailAddress or PhoneNumber. 

  • Required Items:
    • Site ID


Billing/CheckOut/Upsell Page

3. Call Add Order - We now have a single endpoint for checkout and upsells

  • Required Items:
    • Product IDs


Thank you Page

4. Call Mark Order Complete (optional)


Test Credentials:

Test credentials can be created under Account settings. Navigate to Administration > Accounts. Click on Edit and select Test Cards. Create a new test card for testing transactions. Expiration dates and CVV security codes are not created with the test card. Use a future expiration date and any 3 digit CVV code when testing transactions on your website. 


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