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How to upload Tracking Numbers Into the CRM

Once your orders have been sent to fulfillment and tracking numbers are available, you can upload the tracking numbers directly within the CRM and have them update the customer profiles.

To upload tracking numbers, you will need to first prepare a correctly formatted CSV file.

1. Prepare the CSV file for import.

A properly formatted CSV file will be arranged into two columns. Column A will contain the transaction IDs for each purchase, Column B will contain their corresponding tracking number. ( A template is available to download from the Import Tracking page as well)


2. Within ResponseCRM, navigate to Fulfillment > Import Tracking

3. Click on "+ Upload CSV File", select the file you created above, then Import


4. Once the tracking numbers have been uploaded, it can take approximately 10 minutes for them to propagate within the system and be available to view within customer profiles.


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