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How to create and use Coupon Codes

1. Within your Site ID Settings/Configuration page (CRM menu CRM > Sites), click on the three dotted icon under Actions on the site you want to add coupons to, and select Edit.

2. Scroll down and select Coupons.

3.  You will see Enable Coupons on the next screen,  click "+ New"


4. Enter Coupon Code (not case sensitive) or click Generate Code

5. Select Discount Type, between Percentage or Flat Price. 

6. Select product(s) or select Whole Order. 

7. Toggle on/off to add Recurring Coupons (will not work with Whole Order discount types).

8. Enter discount amount for Flat Price or percentage for Percentage Discount.

9. If adding a Recurring Coupon, select a product and enter an Initial Discount for the initial order, and a Recurring Discount for continuity orders. You can also limit the number of recurring coupon discounts by entering a limit within Maximum Cycles.


10. If desired, you can add a start date and time, minimum requirements, limit the number of times the discount can be used and limit it to one use per customer. 

11. Once complete, click Save at the top of the page. 

For information of how to use coupon codes through the API, refer to our API guide: 

 Note: Coupons don't apply to Shipping Charges or Ship Amounts within product setups. 

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