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How to use the Plugins center for 3rd Party Plugins

The Plugins page is where you select and configure your 3rd party plugins. This includes Fulfillment, SMTP, Fraud tools, Call Centers, etc.

Configuring your plugins couldn't be more simple. 

1. Navigate to CRM menu Administration > Plugins

2. Select from any of the available categories

  • Fulfillment
  • Lead Recovery/Call Center
  • Fraud Scrubbing
  • SMTP Setup
  • Email Service Providers

3. Then click on the desired plugin.


4. After clicking on the + button, a plugin pop will appear and ask for credentials in order to establish a connection to your provider. These items are to be provided by your plugin provider, except for the Title, which you can make up. In the example below, you will a pop up for ShipStation, a popular fulfillment provider. 


5. Once all fields are entered, click Create.

6. The plugin setup is now complete and available to use. 

Important Notes:

Fulfillment Integrations require your products to be updated in order to ship. Navigate to your product's settings and select the fulfillment house that you setup. If you require a fulfillment delay, which is the time interval between when an order is placed and when it is sent to your fulfillment provider, then you would need to adjust that within your product's settings as well. 



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