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How to Use Export Data to Download Orders, Leads/Partials, and Declined Orders

 Export Data allows you to download customer data based on four categories/report types:

  • 1. Fulfill Orders  – Orders that need to be shipped. This report would be sent to a fulfillment house.

  • 2. See Abandoned Order Data  – Also known as Inquiries or leads/partials. This includes customers who entered in their contact information on your site, but didn’t end up purchasing the product.

  • 3. See Failed Transactions  – Includes transactions that failed for any reason, whether it was a decline or system error

  • 4. See Approved Transaction  – Includes all transactions that were successfully processed.


Select the site(s) you want to export from, select a date range, and the report type, then click Export. 

Once you click Export, the data will be downloaded to a CSV format file for you to open with your spreadsheet editor. 

You can then sort and alter the file as you need within your spreadsheet editor. 




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