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How To Pause Or Remove A Job From The Decline Runner

How To Pause Or Remove A Job From The Decline Runner

For whatever reason that might present itself after submitting a batch of transactions to the decline runner, you might need to halt the process. Through the "Background Scheduled Jobs" table, you have the option to cancel any unprocessed re-attemps or pause the the decline runner to be resumed at a time of your choosing.

To CANCEL a batch of scheduled re-attemps, navigate to "Merchants" and select "Decline Runner" from the dropdown menu.

Click the "Show Background Scheduled Jobs" link in the upper left hand corner.


Along the right side under the "Actions" column you'll see the results table iconmceclip1.png click this to list all transactions within that job. To cancel the job, click themceclip2.png button to remove that job and all of its unprocessed re-attempts from the decline runner.


To pause a batch of scheduled re-attemps, from here you'd select the PAUSEmceclip4.png button. The pause button will change to a play symbol. Click play to resume a paused decline-runner job.

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