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How to Use The Recurring Report

The Recurring Report will give you a cycle-by-cycle breakdown of your customers and charges throughout the life of your campaign.

1. Navigate to CRM menu Reports > Recurring Report

2. Select the Site(s) and a Date Range, then Search



Charts & Graphs:

The "Recurring Details" table will display the amount of Re-bill approvals and the monetary value of each recurring cycle. appear with a table containing the transactions for each cycle. 



1. To View a cycle-by-cycle breakdown for each charge, click on the hyperlinked Site ID in the ID column. 

An additional table will appear providing a detailed look at your campaign's charges.

5. To Export as CSV, click the green download icon in the upper right-hand corner of the results table.

List of Terms in Conversion Details

ID: Site/Affiliate ID
Name: Name of the campaign/affiliate
1#: The number of Transactions for cylce 1
1$: Total dollars brought in from cylce 1
2#: Number of Transactions in cycle 2
2$: Total dollars brought in from cycle 2
(continued to:)
9#: Number of Transactions in cycle 9

9$: Total dollars brought in from cycle 9

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