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How to Use the Income Report

The Income Report essentially lets you see how much net income your campaigns are yielding (includes all initial signup/upsell and recurring transactions) and what your average income per customer is.

The Income Report totals should not be compared to the Transaction History Report manually calculated totals, as it includes customers that have been created within the date range selected and all their activity within the date range. The Transaction History Report shows you customers activity that happens in the date selected regardless of when the customer was entered into the system. 


  1. Select the Site(s) that you want to query

  2. Select the date range then click Search.


Charts & Graphs:

The Income Charts present the customer activity of your campaigns and the net income breakdown. 


    1. The Customer Activity chart presents a pie chart of your active customers (customers enrolled in subscription billing) and the canceled customers (inactive customers). 

    2. The Net Income Breakdown chart shows the net income and the amount of refunds.

Select which option you want to filter for your report (BIN, Amount, Processor, Affiliate, or Campaign) then click Search.


List of Terms 

GROUP BY:  Represents the filter option selected (BIN, Amount, Processor, Affiliate, or Campaign)

Buyers: the total number of buyers 

Billed: the total amount billed to the #BUYERS

Refund: the total amount for refunds issued

Refund #: the total number of refunds issued

Refund %: the ratio of refunds in relation to #BUYERS

Cancel #: the total number of cancellations

Cancel %: the ratio of cancellations in relation to #BUYERS

Inc/Cust: the average income per customer

Net Inc: the net income for your campaign(s) within your selected date range. 




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