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Common Fulfillment Setup Questions and Answers

Q. Can I send a test order to fulfillment?

A. The CRM does not allow test customers or orders to be sent for fulfillment. A live transaction is needed in order to send fulfillment orders to your integrated fulfillment house. We also recommend testing your merchant accounts with a live transaction as well before launching. 

Q: How do I add a fulfillment center to my account?

A. Navigate to CRM menu Administration > Plugins.  Select "Fulfillment Integration" under "Available Services", pick an integrated fulfillment center and enter in your credentials. You will then need to apply fulfillment to your products, by selecting this fulfillment integration within the product(s) settings under CRM > Products. 

Q: How do I create a fulfillment delay?

A. Fulfillment Delays are set on the product level. You can enter or modify a fulfillment delay by going into the product settings under CRM menu CRM > Products. Find your product and click edit. Enter a fulfillment delay in hours within the fulfillment section and save.  

Q: How do I pull orders to send to fulfillment manually?

A. Go to CRM menu Customer Service > Export Data. Select the Account and site ids to pull orders from, then select "Fulfill Orders" under Report Options. Select a date range and download. 

Q: How do I upload tracking numbers manually?

A. Go to CRM menu Fulfillment > Import Tracking. Download the template and follow the instructions to create a tracking file. Then upload by clicking on "Upload CSV File" and selecting the file you created. 

Q: How do I automatically email tracking numbers to customers?

A. Whether you upload your tracking numbers manually to the CRM, or have it auto-populate from your integrated fulfillment center, tracking numbers can be sent out via the Shipment Confirmation email template after you create the email template and event, then apply it to your site id. 

Q: How do I reship an order?

A.Within a customer's profile, under Fulfillments, click on the three dot icon to the right of the table, and select reship.  Select the product to reship and submit. This will reship the order without billing the customer for an additional unit. 
You can also use the Fulfillment report to reship orders. 

Q. How do I send a free shipment or reship for free?

A. You can issue a new transaction and change the price to $0.00 for a new customer, or use the Reship feature under an existing customer's account. Refer to the above question/solution.

Q: How does the Ship Amount field work under the product settings?

A: The Ship Amount field adds an extra amount to the total amount to be billed and only works for the initial transaction. Recurring cycles also have their own Ship Amount field that only apply to cycles. If you'd like to create a separate shipping charge with its own transaction id, then you should create a shipping charge type product instead. 

Q: Can I setup more than once plugin instance of the same fulfillment house?

A: Yes! For example, you can setup more than one ShipStation plugin at the same time and use them as needed within your setups.  


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