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Common Merchant Account Setup Questions and Answers

Merchant Accounts and Processing

Q: Is a merchant account needed in order to process credit cards?

A. A merchant account of some sort is needed in order to process live credit card transactions. The CRM has integrations with many of the major merchant account providers and gateways that you can choose from. If you need help obtaining a merchant account, please contact Darren Lunt for an integration:

Phone: (866) 866 - 9276
Skype: darrenlunt

Q: How do I setup Square processing?

A. Adding Square is a three step process. First you add the MID as a processor under CRM menu Merchants > Processors. + New, select Square from the processor list within the Credit Card tab, and enter in the fields.  Square requires that you use their payment form on your site. Refer to this link in our API guide for directions: Square Payments. Lastly, you need to select the Square account to be used within the site id configuration page. Once complete, you can begin testing transactions. Make sure you select "No" under the Test option for live merchant accounts. 

Q: How do I setup Authorize.net?

A. Go to CRM Menu Merchants > Processors. click on "+ New", select Authorize.net from the processor list within the Credit Card tab. Create an API login and transaction key within Authorize.net and use those as the Username and Password for the processor setup. Fill in the remaining fields for Processor Name (you can name this anything), Merchant ID, Descriptor (optional), Monthly limits, and extra optional options. Make sure you select "No" under the Test option for live merchant accounts. Once complete, you can begin testing transactions. 

Q: Why can't I refund orders when I process with Authorize.net?

A. Authorize.net and other merchant accounts that use Authorize.net as their background processing, have strict rules regarding when refunds can be issued:

When submitting a transaction type of refund, the following rules apply:

  • You can only refund a transaction that has been previously authorized using the payment gateway.

  • The original transaction that you wish to refund must have a status of Settled Successfully. You cannot issue refunds against unsettled, voided, declined or error'ed transactions.

  • The refund transaction must be issued within 120 days of the date the original transaction was settled.

  • A refund transaction cannot exceed the amount of the original transaction.

  • The payment method provided in the refund transaction must match the payment method that was provided in the original transaction. You must provide the last four digits of a masked credit card or bank account number from the original transaction.

Q: How can I get chargeback alerts and automated chargebacks responses?

A. Please contact Darren Lunt for an integration:

Phone: (866) 866 - 9276
Skype: darrenlunt

Q: What is the difference between PayPal Checkout vs PayPal Payflow Pro?

A: PayPal Checkout requires API Integration within your site in order to properly function. The transaction flow will require customers to redirect from your site to PayPal to complete the transaction, then get redirected back to your site's thank you page. PayPal Payflow Pro doesn't need require extra API coding in order to function. It functions like a standard credit card processor within the CRM. Click here for more information: Payflow Gateway

Q: How do I add MIDs or Merchant Accounts?

A. Navigate to CRM menu Merchants > Processors. Select from any of the available gateways, enter the gateway credentials and save. Make sure you select "No" under the Test option for live merchant accounts. 

Q: How do I delete a processor or merchant account?

A. Processors cannot be deleted once they are created, but they can be deactivated. Clicking on the X icon under the Actions column within the Processor configuration (CRM menu Merchants > Processors) page will deactivate the processor. 

Q. Can I setup Alerts for when I reach my limit on merchant account(s)?

A. Alerts can be setup for report based on merchant account limits, refunds, declines, and chargebacks that occur within your campaign. Whether you need to be alerted when your hit your limits, or when you have excess refunds or decline transactions, the alert system will report on each activity. Refer to the following link for more information: click here.

Q: Can I limit the daily processing amount for my merchant account?

A. Yes, you can set a daily cap within the processor settings to limit daily volume. 

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