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Common Email Autoresponder(s) Setup Questions and Answers

Q: How do I setup an order confirmation email?

A.  First create an SMTP profile under Administration > Plugins > SMTP Setup. Then create an order confirmation email template under CRM > Email Autoresponders > Templates, by selecting it under the template dropdown and modifying it to your needs. Then create an event under CRM > Email Autoresponders > Events and selecting the template created above and the SMTP profile created earlier. During the event setup is when you apply the email template to your product(s). Finally, within your site's configuration settings, apply the email events to your site id and save for them to take effect. 

Q: How can I enter a descriptor and have it display in order confirmation emails and the thank you page of my website?

A: Descriptors can be added within the Processor configuration settings (CRM menu Merchants > Processors). To display a descriptor within an order confirmation email, add the descriptor token "{$descriptor}" into the email body of your template under Email Autoresponders. To add it to your website's thank you page, refer to the API guide under adding a signup transaction.

Q: My Order Confirmation emails are not going out. What is wrong?

A: Make sure that the email autoresponder event is added to the site configuration settings of your site id. 

Q: Sometimes the order confirmation emails takes longer than usual to send out. How can I remove this delay:

A: Add this API endpoint (mark as complete) to the last page or confirmation page of your website: 

Q: How can I email all my customers at one time?

A: Navigate to CRM menu CRM > Simple Email Marketing. First create a template. Then under Jobs, add a new job, select customer type, select template, select SMTP, then save. The customer count will be display prior to submitting. 

Q: How do I resend an email autoresponder to an existing customer?

A: Within the customer profile under the Email section, there is a Resend button available for each email autoresponder that was sent out. Click on Resend to resend the email to the customer.  

Q: How do I just send one email order confirmation for multiple products?

A: Within your email autoresponder template body, you must use the {$productlist} token, and when adding the upsell transaction through the API, you must send the same OrderID created when creating a signup transaction. The OrderID is not the same as the CustomerID. Refer to the API Guide on adding an upsell transaction. 


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