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Common Campaign/Site Testing Questions and Answers

Campaign, fulfillment, and Transaction Testing  

 Q: Do you have a test credit card to test transactions?

A. You can create  test cards under Administration > Accounts, by going into your Account settings and clicking on the Test Cards. Expiration dates and CVV security codes are not created with the test card. Use a future expiration date and any 3 digit CVV code when testing transactions on your website. 

Q: Do you have a test credit card to test a declined?

A. MasterCard, 5555555555554444, any CVV, and any future expiration date. 

Q: How do I disable test credit cards?

A: Test card cards can be disabled within the Site Configuration of a site id. Navigate to Campaigns > Site Configuration and go into the edit settings of the site id.  Disable the Test Card card option. Test cards can also be deactivated within your Account settings under Administration > Accounts. 

Q. How do I send a test order to fulfillment after fulfillment is setup within the CRM?

A. You must process a test transaction with a live payment source in order to send a test order to fulfillment. Test orders processed with a CRM test credit card will not be sent to fulfillment, as test orders are exempt from reporting and fulfillment. It is recommended to test your fulfillment and merchant account with a live payment source to ensure a properly working live environment. 

Q: How do I mark a customer as a test customer?

A. Within the customer profile, click on the Mark as Test option at the top right of the page. 

Q. What does it mean when a customer is marked as "test" customer within the CRM?

A. Marking a customer as a test customer will remove them from reporting throughout the CRM ad will not show up on CRM search results unless the option to show them is enabled. Tests made using our Visa test card will automatically be flagged as test customers. 

 Q. Can I unmark a customer as a test customer?

A. Yes  

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