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Common Customer Service Setup Questions and Answers

Q: How do I search for customers?

A. Navigate to CRM menu Customer Service > Search. Searching by Customer ID or Transaction ID are the quickest option to find a customer account. If these items aren't available, selecting a date range around the order date and entering the last 4 digits of the customers card number would be the second best method to find a customer. 

Q: How do I search for test customers?

A. Navigate to CRM menu Customer Service > Search. If you don't have the customer id, select "Test Orders Only" or "All Orders" as the Order type as part of your search. Enter some customer data within the available fields then search.

Q: How do I cancel a subscription-based customer?

A. Within the customer profile, click on the "CANCEL RECURRINGS" option at the top right of the page. 

Q: How do I create a new customer?

A. You can create customers from your integrated website or within the CRM. Within the CRM, navigate to CRM menu Customer Service> + New Order, Select a site id, fill in the payment form, select a product and enter. If successful, a new customer id will be created and displayed. 

Q: How do I block a customer from ordering again?  

A. You can blacklist customers and that will prevent them from ordering again. Within the customer profile, at the top right, check the Blacklist checkbox to blacklist a customer. You can also navigate to CRM menu Administration > Blacklist, and add the customer manually. 

Q. How do I refund or void a transaction?

A. Refunds or voids can be issued within the customer's profile under transaction history. 

Q. Can I issue a partial refund?

A. Yes, partial refunds can be issued by typing in the amount to be refunded within the refund field under the transaction history of the customer's profile. 

Q. I tried to void a charge, but it refunded instead. Why?

A. A transaction can only be voided before it has settled. Usually you have within 24 hours before a transaction settles to issue a void. Otherwise it will result in a refund. 

Q. How do I add or issue a new transaction for an existing customer?

A. Under the Order history within a customers profile, click on + New and select the products to add to the order, then submit. The customer's current payment source will be used to process the transaction.

 Q. How do I force a rebill charge?

A. Within the customer profile, go to the edit settings of an existing recurring charge and click on Run Transaction. This feature forces your Next Bill Date according to set recurring cycles and increments the cycle count by 1. If all cycles have been run, then it will rerun with the settings of the last recurring cycle, and doesn't take into account the Total Charge Count 

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