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How to setup and use ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign must be setup within the Plugins page.

1. Navigate to CRM menu  > Administration > Plugins

2.. Select Email Service Providers under Available Services

3. Select ActiveCampaign under Available Providers


4. Enter a Title, your ActiveCampaign API key, and the URL provided by ActiveCampaign. An invalid API key will not allow you to proceed with the SiteRoute options in the next step. 


5. Then click on "Site Route" to select which sites and customer types to include in your list

If you have entered an incorrect API key, you will see this error when you click on Site Route


If you entered the correct API key, then Site Route will auto load your list options under the "ActiveCampaign List" dropdown for you to select. 


Then select the customer type:

Then select the Site(s) to fetch the customer type from:


6. Check the Active toggle to make it active

7. Click Save.

8. ActiveCampaign configuration is now complete. 


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