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How to Use the Affiliate Report

 The Affiliate Report essentially lets you see how well your affiliate sales are performing and provides a breakdown of all sales across all affiliates and sub-affiliates sending traffic to your campaign. 


1. Navigate to CRM menu Reports > Affiliate

2. Select one or more sites from the Sites dropdown and choose a date range

3. Click Search


Each of your affiliates will be displayed in separated rows within the results table. Clicking on the "+" icon will breakdown each affiliate row to show all the sub-affiliates (that pass through the S1 variable via API).  


Note: If your sub-affiliates are not being displayed, this is because sub-affiliates aren't properly passed to the CRM through the S1 variable in the CRM.

List of Terms:

Affiliate: The name & ID of the affiliate that was setup in the Affiliate section of the CRM. 
Clicks: The total number of clicks accumulated
CPC Comm: The total amount in commission based on a CPC campaign
Partials: Also known as leads/inquiries.
Partials%: The percentage of partials related to total sales, partials, and declines
Declines: the total number of declines
Declines%: the percentage of declines related to total sales, partials, and declines
Sales: The total number of Signup (Step1) sales
Sales%: the percentage of sales related to total sales, partials, and declines
Step1 Comm: the total amount in commission from Signup or Step1 sales. 
Sales Rev: The total amount in revenue for Signup or Step 1 sales. 
Upsells: The total number of Upsell (step 2) transactions 
Upsells%: The percentage of upsell transactions in relation to Sales (Step 1)
Step2 Comm: The total amount in commission from Upsell (Step 2) sales
Upsell Rev: The total amount in revenue from Upsell (Step 2) sales.
Net: The total net revenue minus affiliate commissions
Average Ticket: the average ticket based on total Net revenue divided total number of Sales (Step1)

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