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How to use the Continuity Report

The Continuity Report provides functionality to push recurring or subscription charges to a later date.

1. Navigate to CRM menu Reports > Continuity Report


2. Select a Date Range Type and enter the date range

  • Date Created - The search will query customers who were created within the specified date range
  • Cancelled Date - The search will query customers who were canceled within the specific date range
  • Next Bill Date - The search will query customers who's next recurring charge is within the specified date range
  • Last Decline Date - The search will query customers who's last declined recurring transaction was within the specified date range. 

3. Adjust search filters if desired, then click Search.

  • Sites - Filter Campaign/Site ID filter
  • Product -  Filter by product(s)
  • Billing Cycle - Filter by a specific recurring billing cycle
  • Retry # - Filter by number of attempted retries or saves
  • Processor - Filter by merchant processor
  • Affiliate - Filter by affiliate
  • Status - Filter by current customer account status
  • Exclude Refunded Customers - Filter by customers who have one or more refunded transactions

4. Select one or more transactions from the results table, then click on "Batch Update"


5. Select the next bill date, then click on Update Batch. You also have the option to change the rebill amount and change the status of the customer as well as adjust the retry attempt #. 

6. Once saved, the job will get created and can be viewed at the top of the page by clicking on "Recent Batch Ppdates". Once processed, the results of the batch will be displayed within this tab. 


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