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How to Use the Transaction History Report

The Transaction report  essentially allows a user to find transactions of all types and, and displays the details of each transaction. Details include transactional details, payment details, all customer information, and all order information. This report is also useful when you need to find the id of each processor each order went through.

1. Select the Sites, Transaction Type, Status, Product Type, & date range that you need for your search


Note: Click on Show More Filters for additional search filters to narrow your search. 


    2. Click on Search to begin the search


Each transaction result can further be broken down by clicking on the + icon to the left (shown below), which will display all transaction details, payment details, customer information, and order information. Clicking on the customer id will redirect you to the customer profile of the customer.


TYPE: The transaction type
STATUS: The the status of the transaction
TRANS ID: The transaction id of an order
CUSTOMER ID: the id of the customer
CUSTOMER: The customer's name
DETAILS: The credit card number used to process the transaction
PROCESSOR: The processor id of the merchant account the transaction was processed through
AFFILIATE:  The affiliate id of the affiliate that created the sale
DATE:  The date the transaction occurred


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