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Split URL Testing (Beta)

ResponseCRM's new Split URL Testing provides the ability to split test your campaign with different variations to determine which variation produces the most conversions and highest ROI. Not only will you be able to maximize your revenue, but you can use the strongest variation to create additional variations to enhance your conversions even more!

1. Navigate to CRM menu Administration > Plugins > Tools > Split URL Testing
2. Click on +New to create a new test

3. Select the sites that you would like include in the test. Your ControlURL site should be the original site you are starting out with and comparing each additional variation to. Add a new variation for each additional site to include in your test. Click on +Add Another Variation to add additional variations. 


4. Once you have finished selecting all your variations, click Next


5. Enter the Name your split test and the number of Total Clicks that you will be sending to your test. 
6. Next, select Distribute Equally if you would like to distribute your clicks equally across all the variations in your test, or select Customer Traffic Allocation For Each Variation if you would like to alter the distribution of clicks to each variation. Then click Next.
7. The following page will display the summary of your test. Review then click Save. mceclip0.png

8. After you have saved, you will see a On/Off Start button to begin your test on the Split URL Testing main page. DO NOT START THE TEST YET. There is one more step that needs to be done before starting the test. You will need to create a API Key for the split test and insert a script into your the landing page of your ControlURL variation. 

9. Navigate to Administration > Accounts, and click on the Edit button under Actions


10. Click on +New button to create a new API key
11. Enter a Name and select the Split URL Testing as the Type. 


12. Once you have created your API Key, proceed to the next step. 


13. You will now need to download and insert a redirect script onto your landing page before the ending </head> tag. The script is located under the Actions column, by clicking on the down arrow (pictured below in the red square).


Copy/Paste the whole script onto your landing page before the end </head> tag.

14. Once placed, navigate back to CRM menu Administration > Plugins > Tools > Split URL Testing, and start the split test by clicking on the on/off start button. 
15. Once started, the traffic directed at your ControlURL site will be redirected to each variation randomly until the Total Number of Clicks is met for each variation.  (Click here to learn how to view the results of each split test to determine which variation is the preferred option for your traffic)

NOTE: Once your test is complete and the preferred variation is chosen, the script will stop functioning and all your traffic will be directed at your ControlURL variation. At this time you should instruct your traffic source to only send traffic to your preferred variation winner. 

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