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Split URL Testing Results

Split URL Testing allows you to run traffic conversion tests on your campaign variations to determine the highest converting offer. Each test (row) will display the summary of the test along with the "Preferred" variation winner


Preferred: The higher converting offer compared to the other variations in the same test. 
Total Clicks: The total # of clicks used in the test
Customers: The total # of customers acquired throughout the test
Signups: The total # of Signups acquired throughout the test
Upsell 1: The total # of Upsells (Step1) acquired throughout the test
Upsell 2: The total # of Upsells (Step2) acquired throughout the test
TCTOR%: Total Click To Order Ratio %
CTOR%: Click To Order Ratio
CTUR%: Click To Upsell Ratio
OIOC: Order Improvement Over Control variation
UIOC: Upsell Improvement Over Control Variation
TIOC: Total Improvement Over Control Variation



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