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How to reship failed orders with the Fulfillment Report

One of the key functions of the Fulfillment Report allows you to reship orders in bulk, and this is particularly useful when shipments fail to ship initially for any reason. Instead of manually reshipping each failed order within the customer's profile, all failed shipments can be queried and reshipped from this report.

To reship failed shipments,  

1. Navigate to CRM menu Fulfillment > Fulfillment.

2. Select the Date Range Type, additional filters (optional), and a date range.

Date Created: The shipment creation date.
Date Shipped: The actual date of shipment
Date Delivered: Date of shipment delivery
Date Returned: Date of shipment return 


Under Fulfillment Status, select Failed, then click on Search

Within the results table, select the shipments that have failed. You can select them all at once by checking the box to the left of the Date column, or select each individually


Once selected, click on Batch Updates.

The Reship will be selected by default under the Actions dropdown. 
Select your Provider, then click on Update Batch.
The batch will now be saved at the top of the page under Recent Batch Updates, and the status will be shown after it has been processed. 






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