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The CRM Top Menu Breakdown

The menu located at the top of the CRM provide some key functionality.
From Left to right order:

Add ResponsePay - Sign up for additional merchant accounts through ResponseCRM's ResponsePay.
Help - Click to search for help through the knowledge base. Enter keywords or a phrase and all relevant articles will be displayed.

CRM Account Selector - Select the CRM account to be worked on. Click on Add Account to create additional accounts. Unlimited CRM accounts available.

Quick Links (...) - Click to edit selected profile or to navigate to your accounts billing settings

Search (magnifying glass) - Search for customers using either Customer ID, Transaction ID, or Order ID

News (Speech bubble with ! mark)- Keep up to date with the latest news/announcements from the CRM

Logs/Alerts - Keep up to date with latest logs and alerts on your selected account. Logs will display items such as when new API keys are added or other changes are made to your account. Alerts that have been setup using the Alert system will be displayed here for a quick view. 

Feedback (thumbs up icon)- Click to send us your feedback!

Profile - Click to access profile settings, help center, ticket system, dark mode toggle, or to log off the CRM




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