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How to Setup and Edit Avatax (Avalara)

AvaTax (AvaTax) is a leading sales tax solution available to all CRM clients (Avalara account required) for simple sales tax calculation for your campaigns. You must first setup an account with Avatax and obtain your Account Id, Company Code, and Key. 


1. Navigate to Administration > Plugins

2. Click on Sales Tax on the left column

3. Click on the Avatax plugin

4. Enter a title for the plugin, your Avatax Account ID, Company Code, and Key

5. If you decide to commit transactions, toggle the Commit Transactions toggle

The next step will validate your Avatax credentials to ensure your plugin is connected properly to Avalara.


6. Click on “Test Credentials”

If your credentials validation is a success, proceed to selecting your Product Tax Codes

7. Enter you Tax Codes

  • Click on the +Tax Codes button
  • Click on the Avalara Tax Codes link (pictured below), to find the proper Tax Codes within the Avalarawebsite. mceclip1.png
  • When you find the proper codes relating to your products, select the product(s) in your product list. Click on CHANGE TAX CODE, then enter your tax code into the pop up, then click Save.


  • Once saved, your entered tax code will be displayed with the products applied to it beneath it. mceclip3.png
  • To remove a tax code from a product, click on the red trashcan icon at the end of the product line to remove it. 

8. Select your site or campaign ID(s) that you would like to apply Avatax to by click on the +Site Route button, then Save.

9. Avatax is now active. 


How to Disable Avatax


If you have more than one site with Avatar enabled, you have the option of turning it off for each individual site by removing them from the Site Routing (refer to step 8 above).


This process will allow you to enable/disable Avatar on each individual site without affecting other sites.


To disable a site, click on the trashcan icon next to each site under Site Route.


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