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Common API & Development Questions

Q: Where do I find the most updated developers API Guide?

A. Our API guide is updated daily and can be accessed by clicking the following link: developer.responsecrm.com

Q: What can I do with your API?

A. Our Open API is both feature rich and flexible to allow you to:

1. Integrate your e-commerce pages to the CRM for order entry and processing
2. Extract order data 
3. Connect to 3rd party systems such as lead dialers, SMS marketing systems, email marketing systems, fulfillment providers, etc.
4. Perform updates to customer records, such as mark as test or mark as cancelled, etc.

Q: Where do I find my API Key? 

A. Go to CRM menu Administration > Accounts and you will find the secret API key. You will have to be granted access to this section in order to view it. 

Q: Can I change my API key? 

A. You can create additional API keys within the Administration > Accounts section

Q: Can you provide a API flow suggestion for integrating my site?

A. Click here to view the Suggest API Flow

Q: I currently don't have a developer to help me integrate my website to the CRM. Can you provide a referral or a developer?

A. Please contact Darren Lunt for an integration:
Phone: (866) 866 - 9276
Skype: darrenlunt

Q: I'm having trouble getting a proper API customer response or connection. What is the issue?

A: Make sure your API key is correct and if you are using a valid Idempotency Id. Idempotency ID's can be created by your developer during the coding process. 

Q: How do I find my Idempotency ID? 

A. Idempotency ID keys are not provided by us. You have to create them using a key generator directly within your site so that a new key is created and used for each API call. This ensures maximum security and helps prevent duplicate API calls that can sometimes lead to duplicate orders. Please follow this link to our API to learn about Idempotency: https://developer.responsecrm.com/#idempotent-requests

Q: I have the proper Api Key and a proper Idempotency ID and still getting an error. What am I doing wrong?

A: Make sure the Site ID is correct and belongs to the correct Account. 

Q: I'm getting authentication errors when testing a live payment source on my MID(s).

A. Check to make sure your credentials are correct within the Processor configuration settings. 

Q: Can I use your API to code my one page site where I collect customer information and process payment on the same page?

A. Yes, you can code to collect and process orders on a single page if desired. 

Q: How do I pass affiliate variables?

A. Affiliate variables have to be coded into the website source code before being able to pass them through affiliate links to your campaign. Please refer to our API developers guide on passing affiliate and sub-affiliate variables: developer.responsecrm.com

Q. How do I send partials data to my call center?

A. You can create a script on your site that will pass customer data from our API back to your call center. Refer to our API guide for more details: developer.responsecrm.com. Refer to the List Customers API call. Partials are called "inquiry or inquiries" within our system and API. In addition to partial, you can send cancelled, successful, or declined customers as well. 

Q. How do I integrate my fulfillment center? 

A. You can integrate your fulfillment center to our open API if the CRM is not directly integrated with it. You can use the List Customers API call to send successful customers to your fulfillment house. You can also code to have tracking numbers sent back to the CRM automatically for shipped orders. Refer to the developers guide. 

Q: How can I enter a descriptor and have it display on the thank you page of my website?

A: Descriptors can be added within the Processor configuration settings. To display a descriptor within your website's thank you page, refer to the API guide under adding a signup transaction.

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