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Common Product Setup Questions and Answers

Q: How do I create products?

A. For a detailed description on how to setup products, please follow this link.

Q: What is the difference between Product Groups and Product Charges?

A. Product groups can be looked at as product categories, and product charges are the actual product price points of each product within a product group. Each product group has a API key that is used to pass via the API in order to activate all product charges within a group from your website. Prior to July 7, 2019, recurring charges were separate from signup and upsell charges. In other words, if you had a subscription based offer, you had to create a signup charge and a separate recurring charge within a product group. After July 7, 2019, product charges were updated so that you only need to create one product charge type to account for both the initial charge and recurring cycles. In addition, instead of passing the product group API key from your website to the CRM to activate charges, you can now pass the product charge's individual product id in order to activate it. It is recommended that you use use product groups for each product type rather than put all product types under one group. 

Q: How do I delete a product?

A. Within the Producs page (CRM menu CRM > Products), click on the trashcan icon to delete a product.  

Q: What is the difference between Recurring Cycles and Legacy Recurring Intervals?

A. Legacy Recurring Intervals (First Charge Interval & Subsequent Charge Interval) only exist for legacy Accounts who enrolled prior to July 7, 2019 and are separate from Recurring Cycles. If these parameters are used, then you must not enable recurring cycles. Accounts enrolled after July 7, 2019 will only be able to see recurring cycles. If you see both of these options in your setup, it is highly recommended you proceed with recurring cycles moving forward. 


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